Rhenaphotonics Alsace was established in May 2003 as a local, non-profit legal association (Law of 1908) and was enlisted as an association of the Magistrates Court of Mulhouse Vol. 86 Folio 53. The governance and the functions of the governing bodies of Rhenaphotonics Alsace are defined by its statutes.




The member status is obtained through membership and payment of the annual fee. The annual fee entitles you to benefit from the services of the association. The website of the association is the primary tool whereby the members can find the information related to the activities of the association. The new version of the website available since 2010 offers each member a custom interface.


 The Board of Directors:



 - Board "Companies":

  • DIARD Alain (Quantel) - President
  • DUDKIEWICZ Gilbert (Telmat Industry) - Vice-President
  • BISCHOFF Serge (Rhenovia Pharma) - Assessor      
  • FISCHER Sylvain (PHOSYLAB) - Paymaster          
  • HONLET Michel (Carl Zeiss Optronics) - Assessor 
  • SAENGER Richard (Schlumberger) - Assessor

-  Board "Research - Training - Technology Transfer " 

  •  FOGARASSY Eric (ENSPS – Université de Strasbourg) - Vice-President
  •   LEY Christian (DPG / Université de  Haute-Alsace) - Assessor
  •  FORT Alain (IPCMS – Université de Strasbourg) - Secretary
  •  GAUFILLET Jean-Paul (CRITT IREPA Laser) - Assessor                 


Since 2010, the association has established a Scientific Committee composed of six to ten persons recognized in the field of photonics. The major role of the Scientific Committee is to recommend and guide the Board of Directors concerning thematic options of the cluster, to give advice with regard to the selection of members for the scientific committee's conferences organized by Rhenaphotonics Alsace, as well as to meet the valuation requests of other clusters related to photonics-related projects.


The Scientific Committee's members:


  • BAILLY Yannick, Institute of FEMTO-ST / CREST - Belfort (F)  
  • BERTRAND Eric, Novartis, Basel (CH)  
  • CUDEL Christophe, MIPS, UHA, Mulhouse (F)  
  • FONTAINE Joel, LSP, INSA / UDS, Strasbourg (F)
  • HIRLIMANN Charles IPCMS, Strasbourg (F) 
  • HUGENSCHMIDT Manfred, Universität Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe (D)  
  • MEYRUEIS Patrick, LSP, UDS-INSA, Strasbourg (F)
  • MOEGLIN Jean-Pierre, ISL, St. Louis (F)
  • MONTGOMERY Paul InESS - Institute of Solid State Electronics and Systems, Strasbourg (F) 
  • POULET Patrick LINC - Laboratory for Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience, Strasbourg (F) 
  • SCHMITT Katrin, IPM - Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques in Freiburg (D)  
  • SOLER Luc IRCAD, Strasbourg (F)


Rhenaphotonics Alsace has implemented a project management system to maintain close relationships with its members and environment. This system is described as followed below.